SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Earlier this year the Springfield Museums announced that hundreds of Dr. Seuss license plates would be available for the public to strap onto their cars.

Many have come forward to see it happen but the registry of motor vehicles said a certain number must be met for it to happen.

Imagine the places you could go with this Dr. Seuss license plate to show.

Heather Cahill, Director of Development at the Springfield Museums described how interesting the plate may seem.

"If you play license plate bingo, and you see the cat in the hat, I think it's worth extra points," Cahill said.

The Springfield Museums meaning what they said that what they mean for the better part of a year, trying to make this specific license plate become a reality.

"The RMV encourages all new specialty plates to have 750 applications before they'll take over and start promoting commonwealth wide," Cahill said.

Cahill told Western Mass News they're about halfway to that 750, with 381 applications still needed. Word of mouth their biggest obstacle.

"While we probably have 750 people who would support us just in Springfield alone, I think getting the word out has been a bit of an issue," Cahill explained.

And though there is no specific deadline, the museums hope people come through quickly for Springfield's favorite son, Dr. Seuss.

"Imagine plates in California with the cat in the hat on them, people go 'Where's that? Hey! That's in Springfield, Mass, let's go visit," Cahill noted.

Cahill said applications for the hundreds of openings can be filed online, the total cost a little more than 40 bucks when it's all said done.

"It will be a continual source of revenue for the Springfield Museums, and the amazing world of Dr. Seuss museum," Cahill said.

If you are interested in purchasing a license plate, click or tap here for more information.

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