BLANDFORD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- As temperatures drop, icy conditions are expected for the roads up in the Hilltowns.

Because these weather conditions affect the Hilltowns differently than the bigger cities in Hampden County, we wanted to see how they prepare for possible coatings of ice on the road.

Blandford is called a hill town for a reason.

From one spot to the next, the elevation could vary hundreds of feet, affecting whether the roads are icy or just wet during a storm.

Blandford Town Administrator, Joshua Garcia told Western Mass News that those different heights, means the town of Blandford has to go to new heights in planning around a storm. 

"As far as deploying resources in Blandford, you have to have like five different weather apps. Sometimes we’ve had situations where there will be a certain part of Blandford where there’s a severe weather storm and another part where there’s nothing at all," Garcia explained. 

Garcia said because of that planning, the town isn't expecting more ice than they can handle Tuesday.

He said the roads have already been treated, but because this winter has been on the warmer side, western mass news asked if the highway department's budget is faring better when it comes to spending on salt.

Garcia said if they don't spend it there, the money will come out somewhere else.

"Even if there’s no snow storm, there’s an impact one way or another on our budget. Deterioration to the road for whatever reason --

Ar: Potholes


These potholes have a lot to do with the weather temperatures and how it’s constantly shifting between hot and warmer than usual, so it certainly puts more strain on us right? Because we have to respond and make sure that the roads are safe

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