Investigation continues after bodies found in Springfield home

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We continue to follow the investigation out of Springfield where a grisly discovery was first announced Thursday.

Three bodies discovered at a home on Page Boulevard and investigators have been there ever since, working to find answers. Which is something neighbors say they want too.

It's now Saturday afternoon, but since Wednesday night police have been at 1333 Page Boulevard going over every inch of the property at the home.

The search it would appear has even extended to a neighbor's land, which was blocked off this morning as well.

Speaking of neighbors, they say this entire ordeal has been tough on them.

The idea of three bodies, potentially more, just feet away from where they call home.

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The woman who led police to it on Wednesday night was held captive, police say, by Stewart Weldon, who's last known address is this home.

The property itself is owned by his mother.

Weldon was arrested Sunday night and charged with Kidnapping, among other things, the woman with him telling police that she was held captive on Page Boulevard.

Police spent Friday using radar and shovels on the grounds, the DA not saying what if anything was found.

The District Attorney also making clear that Weldon has not been linked to these bodies.

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Neighbors remain anxious for answers.

"Waiting to see for them to give the final story and move on and everyone can mourn the three bodies. And hopefully no one else is injured," says Stacy Serrano, whose lived in the neighborhood for 18 years.

On Saturday, Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno released the following statement in regards to the whole investigation on Page Boulevard and Stewart R. Weldon saying:“Having been on site, first of all, my thanks to Commissioner John Barbieri, Hampden District Attorney Anthony Gulluni, Captain Trent Duda and their teams for their continued and deducted efforts to clarify and resolve this terrible situation. This is not indicative of this area. This neighborhood is filled with good and diverse working class individuals and families, who like me, ask - why was this guy out on our streets!? Stewart R. Weldon is another ‘choir boy’ let go by our judicial system. When will some of our judges realize that ‘animals’ like this have no respect for life, our courts, or GPS devices. Thank God our Springfield Police Department arrested him once again so he could not continue his destructive path of mayhem. I firmly believe the proactive actions of our SPD saved this young lady's life. And to those affected families of this incident, my thoughts and prayers go out to them.”

Western Mass News will continue to cover this story and as new details emerge, we'll provide an update.

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