SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - The last time we checked, humans still need grocery stores, and this week, what they offer is in high demand with flowers, sweets, and everything in between, so how do we help those working at the store?

Sometimes the simplest of deeds can have the best of rewards.

That bell, music to a Big Y employee’s ears.

It means they did their job and did it well and in this week of love, with all they give, it’s now on us to return the favor, and the theme of this story is time.

“I’m picking up a cake today," one Big Y customer tells us.

Mary Jane Kopie manages the bakery at Cooley Street, making fresh goodies like these by the day for you to enjoy.

Time consuming, sure, but what gets her dough in a knot is custom orders such as cakes.

“A lot of confusion," Mary Jane Kopie, the Bakery Sales Manager for the Big Y in Springfield, stated.

She tells Western Mass News customers don’t know what they’re picking up, which is where kindness counts.

“Know what the name on the cake is, what it says on the cake, also the store because, there are times, when call-in orders are taken, it's a different store," explained Kopie.

From tarts to the carts…

“It’s very hectic in here," Mery Luz-Aviles, the Assistant Customer Service Manager for the Big Y in Springfield, said.

Mery says at the checkout line, time is money, explaining it starts with where we stack mandatory reusable bags.

“They are up front to make the checkout process easier and quicker. [Do you see it a lot where they are just buried?] Yup, so if you look at this carriage over here, customers will come in and not even think about it and put their bags in the carriage and then pile groceries on top. [Where are they?] They're all the way down there, so, basically, we can't get to the bags until the groceries are unloaded on the belt. [Does that lead to some bumper cars taking place in the aisles?] It sure does. Sometimes, customers are in a hurry. They want speedy checkout and this is a way our community can help us better our jobs here at Big Y," continued Luz-Aviles.

Now, from carts to our hearts in this week of love, where floral and produce manager Lincoln Hensley is busy saving relationships.

“Lots of people will like them in a vase ready to go. No fuss, no muss," says Hensley.

Bloodying his fingers, too!

“Everybody loves roses. [You ever prick yourself off a thorn?] Yes," stated Hensley.

Like everywhere else in the store, the floral department is worried about streamlining the process.

Lincoln tells Western Mass News the Big Y app not only saves you time, but also money with a $5.00 discount on roses.

“By having it downloaded before coming into the store, you bypass waiting time, grab your roses, pay for them at the correct price, and you're on your way," added Hensley.

And that’s where kindness counts.

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