Lia Surprise Squad helps Holyoke students start the year off right


As we know, parents spend a pretty penny on supplies ahead of the new school year, so the Western Mass News and Lia Auto Group Surprise Squad is putting nearly a thousand items on our tab.

We set off to Holyoke to greet eager students, just in time for classes to begin.

Ready or not, the bells are ringing and the halls are filling with students and teachers once again in school districts across the area.

However, not every student can afford the essentials needed for a successful year

"When you talk about all the things required for children to succeed in the classroom, and specifically what families need to survive on a daily basis, there's certainly a gap there," said Christopher Gibaldi.

Nicha Mateo added, "It's been hard, but you know what? As a single mom, I do it."

Steven Moguel, principal of Morgan Elementary School in Holyoke, said that he hears the concerns

"There's been several parents who have reached out about school supplies, the inability to get them," Moguel noted.

Western Mass News knows how expensive it can be. It's the little things that add up which is why the Lia Auto Group Surprise Squad is easing the cost for parents and students at Morgan Elementary.

We handed out more than 250 Western Mass News bags filled with nearly a thousand items, ahead of the first day of school

"I'm so thankful!" Mateo added.

Gibaldi noted, "It's nice to see even people who come up the hill, even down the hill, to help out and make sure everyone's ready for school."

The Surprise Squad helped prepare students and alleviate stress for parents

"...Let them start with resources and not worry about that, that begins the school year in such a positive manner," Moguel explained.

Kids are heading back to school and today, it;'s back-to-back Surprise Squads this week.

Tonight, we're joining a community coming together for a family going through a very tough time - starting at 5 p.m. on ABC40.

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