SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- This week, the Lia Auto Group Surprise Squad is giving back to a Springfield family, down on their luck.

From flooding to broken appliances, it seems problems just keep erupting at their home

"He is so giving, I feel. He does everything," said Terry Cincone.

Twenty years ago, Cincone met her husband, Al, during his gig at a local bar.

"She makes me feel...like I look forward to coming home," said Al Cincone.

Al has lived in that same Springfield home for nearly 60 years

"The memories in this house are unbelievable because it's my whole life here," Al Cincone added.

However, recently, his life revolves around house problems. Their homeowners carrier cancelling their plan due to electrical issues and several bouts of flooding

"When it flooded last time, it was halfway up the motors for the furnaces and everything was ruined," Al Cincone noted.

Terry Cincone added, "We lost all of our boys stuff and they both passed away."

The Cincone family has been through a lot lately and on top of that, the oven is broken and the dryer died

"I have to put something up against the oven door because it doesn't close all the way," Terry Cincone explained.

The supposed-to-be retired grandfather is still working to make ends meet

"There's mornings he gets up and his legs and feet are so swollen, he can't even get his shoes on, but he goes, he does it," Terry Cincone explained.

Not going unnoticed, Terry nominated Al for the Lia Auto Group Surprise Squad.

Vincent Salemi of Salemi Appliance stepped in to help with a brand new oven and a new dryer

"It just gives you a nice warm feeling inside. You look to help people that are in need," Salemi noted.

Al's Navy peacoat also wore out, so the Surprise Squad special-ordered a new one from Sentry Uniform, who then called to say they're donating it for free - along with two hats

Western Mass News also sending them to New York with Bronx Zoo tickets.

If you know someone deserving a visit from the Lia Auto Group Surprise Squad, email us at surprisesquad@westernmassnews.com

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