SOUTH HADLEY, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - The South Hadley High School football team is small, but mighty.

With only thirty-seven players, they play a whole lot bigger than they look.

From the start of the season, facing teams in their division, the Tigers' winning streak has been unmatched, and while many would think a team with a limited roster would be problematic, Senior Captain Max Garvin says otherwise.

"I think's actually worked in our favor in a way, because it's allowed us to become a tight unit and our team chemistry has become really strong this year," stated Garvin.

Head Coach Scott Taylor tells Western Mass News the team has implemented a theme that the tigers have honed in.

"'Brothers on One Mission'. Boom, and that's our saying and they've really, together, have bought into it in a sense of that they know their success will come through other people, that there's no individual success in football," said Coach Taylor.

And what the team does off the field points to their success as well.

"Our bond. We have with one another. I think all of us hang out regularly, you know, you don't see a lot of freshmen hanging out with seniors or sophomores hanging out with seniors," Senior Captain Hunter Carey explained

Hunter, along with his fellow teammates who take multiple AP and Honors classes, says academics is a big part of their team bonding, ultimately translating the success onto the field.

Since Coach Taylor has noticed the teams' academic drive, he's made adjustments in order to get more wins throughout the season.

"They have the ability to stay after school from 2:00 to about 6:00 if they needed to stay with their teachers, get extra help, get their homework done. I think that's been a big help," added Coach Taylor.

And with various obstacles, from injuries to limited players, players on this team have proven their bond is unbreakable.

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