SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- There is a forecast for heavy rain in parts of fire-ravaged Australia in the coming days that could offer much-needed relief.

American International College (AIC) student-athlete, Georgia Barnes from Australia is just back from winter break and a visit with her family and calls the situation there devastating.

"I landed in Sydney so even flying over Sydney Harbor you can't even see the bridge, which is the thing you always see like, ok, I'm nearly home now I can see the bridge. You can't see anything," Barnes explained.

Just back from her home of Canberra, which is located in southeast Australia, Barnes said landing in Sydney...then making her way to her home was shocking.

"Catching the bus from Sydney to Canberra was just awful. You couldn't see anywhere on the road it was just disgusting," Barnes said.

The smoke from the fires, debilitating.

"There's no escape. You go inside and after a few hours, the smoke gets inside. It was really bad either in the mornings or at night," Barnes noted.

Georgia told Western Mass News, she and her family are so grateful that for now, their home is ok.

"Luckily my family, my house, we're all ok at the moment. My home town, we're currently in a state of emergency so everyone has fire plans and are ready if we do need to go at a moment’s notice, grab the kids, grab the dogs, get out," Barnes said.

Particularly heartbreaking, she said quote:

"The incredible loss of animals from the fire. Everyone, she says, is doing what they can to help. Because it’s so dry, the animals, all the kangaroos in my area, they're usually in the mountains but they've all come down to the city to escape the heat and everyone's putting out big buckets of water so the animals can get something, it's really sad. My neighbors put out fruit so that the kookaburra's and cockatoos can go on that and get some kind of water and food in them. But all you can do is little things to help while you can."

Georgia told us what helps, is the incredible amount of support pouring in from around the world.

"It means a lot for us to hear that people know what's going on in our country and they want to help out and they're just as sad as we are," Barnes explained.

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