EAST LONGMEADOW, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - Valentine's Day is only four days away, so, for all of you out there who still have to get something special for your significant other, you better hurry.

"It's all about the chocolate," Maureen of Maureen's Sweet Shop tells us. "Jewelry, and the flowers this time of year."

From bunches of roses to boxes of chocolate, love is in the air at Maureen's Sweet Shop in East Longmeadow and McClelland's Florist in Chicopee.

"Today," stated Dennis Croteau, owner of McClelland's Florist. "We'll start preparing our rose specials for cash and carry, which is a dozen roses and baby's breath and greenery."

"The work has started," continued Maureen. "We've been going about two weeks now, getting everything ready, [and] getting chocolates made."

At the flower shop, thousands of roses arrived Saturday from South America.

"It's basically a rose holiday," Dennis tells us.

Ready to be pruned and put on display.

"You have to prepare them," continued Dennis. "You have to take the thorns off, clean the leaves, take off the guard petals, put them in conditioning water that has some food in it, which preserves them, and then you can start working with them. Obviously, red is the most popular, but not all guys choose red for their significant other. Some people like yellow, [and] some people even buy orange, because that's their favorite color."

Typically, Maureen's Sweet Shop is closed on Sunday, but today, they're busy making truffles and chocolate boxes, and preparing for their chocolate-covered cherries and strawberries.

Maureen tells Western Mass News they're going through two hundred pounds of chocolate a day.

"It's crazy," Maureen tells us. "It is crazy from the minute we open to the minute we close. Women tend to come the day before and men the day of. Women prepare, I guess, and the men are like, "Oh, before I go home I have to have the chocolates". The pre-orders have been quite busy. We're getting them from all over the area, and all over the country. We're shipping out cherries and strawberries all week."

So if you still need to pick up your chocolate or flowers, do it soon.

"On Thursday," says Dennis. "There will be lines out the front door."

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