Local lakes stocked with trout for fishing season

(Western Mass News photo)

Hundreds of rainbow trout were stocked in the lakes and rivers of the Pioneer Valley on Wednesday, staying ahead of fishing season which is now a little more than a month old.

With each cast, George White stresses patience.

"I'm not catching a lot, but it's one, two, every time I go," White said.

White's a regular to Forest Lake in Palmer and while fishing season has been a bit slow so far, he knows his line is about to get some tension.

"Today was roughly 400 fish from our McLaughlin Hatchery in Belchertown," said Brian Keleher with the Mass. Division of Fisheries and Wildlife.

A truck from the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife acts as a mobile live-well for the hundreds of farm-raised rainbow trout within and Keleher, along with Chris Connors, are some of the lucky guys who get to fill the lake.

"Each fish is around a pound each. These are safe to eat," Keleher noted.

They, or should I say Keleher, make trip after trip, hauling a full net from truck to lake.

"They're heavy," Keleher explained.

It's something White loves to see.

"I seen 'em stock it. There's some nice fish in here right now, nice color to 'em, nice size," White said.

These rainbow trout are ready for the anglers and the fishermen are ready for them as well, but one thing that we found out is that the fisherman's lie is alive and well at Forest Lake.

"Well, Monday, they start this big. By Wednesday, they get a little bigger. By Friday, I got, the hands go out to here. [world record setter?] Oh yeah," White said.

Keleher told Western Mass News that while the stocking program had a few false starts earlier this year, by March, they were filling the waterways and for the fishermen who want to know where these guys just made a delivery it's as simple as mass.gov/trout.

"Now, we update it 24 hours after we stock the lake, so Forest Lake, we stocked today, it'll show up tomorrow morning at midnight," Keleher noted.

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