SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - As the nation watched the Brett Kavanaugh hearing play out, students and professors at Western New EnglandUuniversity were also watching.

A law professor weighed in on what he thought of Thursday's hearing.

Professor Bruce Miller believes the hearing is one of the most important events that his students will see in their three years in law school.

"The confirmation hearings of Justice Thomas were a pretty close comparison to this," said Miller.

Miller is a law professor at Western New England University.

As he sat in a room Thursday and watched what happened on Capitol Hill, he said his mind went back to 1991, remembering the hearing for now Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

"I'd say this is probably more divisive than that. Just in the sense that the partisan lines are more closely drawn then they were then," Miller added.

Professor Miller said the Kavanaugh proceedings surprised him.

He thought the republicans believed the outside counsel was going to work better than it did.

"She treated it as if she was taking Professor Ford's deposition and I think didn't use her time very effectively, but I dont know that she could have gotten much," Miller continued.

As for Professor Ford and Judge Kavanaugh:

"I guess I thought that professor Ford was extremely impressive. Judge Kavanaugh in a way was too because he was obviously very sincere and feels all of this very deeply," Miller added.

Matthew Feehan is a third year law student.

He believes both Ford and Kavanaugh sounded credible and their testimonies should be considered.

"I think there's some valid concerns with the procedural output of how this has been run. I think bringing in a prosecutor to question Dr. Ford may have been a questionable tactic. With that said, this is a delicate issue so having someone well trained and has a lot of experience in this area is certainly a decision that would make sense," Feehan said.

As Feehan watched the hearing, he said he knows this will go down in history.

"I think there's better ways this could have been handled and because of the way it was handled, its brought out the worst in both parties," Feehan noted.

Students say this is something they'll be able to look back on and learn from.

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