SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- The coronavirus pandemic is forcing many to stay inside their homes, keeping away from the spread of germs.

This has many businesses adapting to the new needs of customers right now. 

From windows to doorknobs to any surfaces, many at home are taking extra precautions cleaning their surroundings since the outbreak of the coronavirus.

“They just want to make sure that their homes, where they're spending all this time are sanitized, that they're not they're not having transmission throughout their home,” Entomologist at American Pest Solutions, Bob Russell said. 

Russell told Western Mass News while their focus involves eliminating bugs in homes, they are now also eliminating an even bigger concern, COVID-19, offering targeted sanitizing services.

“We're looking at high contact areas, refrigerators, door handles, door casings, bed frames, bathroom fixtures, all the things that people are touching numerous times a day. These surfaces, the virus can stay on for three days, so we come in and we sanitize all those areas so there's no more virus on those surfaces,” Russell explained. 

And it's not just homes they're getting calls from.

“We've been getting calls from hotel chains, food warehouses, people's homes all over western Mass,” he noted. 

There are various cleaning products that can be used to spray down surfaces in homes to help kill off viruses like COVID-19. 

“It's an anti-microbial product of sanitizer, anti-viricide, so that type of thing is broad spectrum. And it's already been tested and approved by APA for COVID-19,” Russell said. 

But how long will this sanitizer last?

“There's not a long-term residual for it, so once we leave an area, it's clear, it can be re-contaminated. That's the hard part. There's nothing really strong a residual capacity,” Russell said. 

With more calls in regards to ridding viruses, Russell said he wants to make one thing clear.

"When we come to homes and businesses, we're not actually coming in and doing like cleaning. We're not scraping grout or cleaning grease, we're sanitizing the surfaces that people come in contact the most. So that's what we're doing,” he explained. 

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