Local photographer creates book to remember victims of Boston Marathon bombing


With Monday marking the 122nd running of the Boston Marathon, many are taking the time today to remember the tragedy that happened back in 2013.

Five years ago today, bombs went off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, detonating seconds apart. The blast killed three people and injured hundreds.

One local, Doug Potoksky, thought he should go to Boston to pay his respects to those victims of this terrible tragedy.

Wherever Potoksky goes, he brings his camera. and when he went to Boston in the days following the marathon bombings, his camera came with him. The photos that came from that weekend, created this book.

Potoksky is a photographer from Whately who once lived in Boston and decided he had to do something, so he went to Boston to mourn the loss of all those individuals who were injured and lost their lives.

“That is my city,” said Potoksky. “How dare you do that to my city, and my friends.”

Potoksky brought his camera to the memorials that were set up around the city, snapping photograph after photograph of the devastation. capturing the resilience of the city of Boston.

He wanted to remember the four victims killed on April 15th and the days following. Krystle Campbell, Lü Lingzi, Martin Richard, and Sean Collier. So he decided to put his photos in a book.

“It was never about the money,” Potoksky stated. "It was always about honoring the memory and we showed the love people put out into flowers, into candles, into the memorials. That's what I captured in my photographs."

Although you can’t buy the book in stores any more, you can get it through Doug by e-mailing him at dougpotokskyimages@gmail.com.

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