The Ludlow Police Department has arrested three suspects in connection to these crimes.

SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM)--New information on a story Western Mass News has been following, car break-ins across our area.

The Ludlow Police Department has arrested three suspects in connection to these crimes.

Many local police departments have been working together, sharing information to identify these three suspects. But the Ludlow Police Department told Western Mass News they are still looking for a fourth individual who was involved in the car break-ins.

Western Mass News first introduced you to surveillance video captured by a Ludlow resident’s doorbell camera late Monday night. He believes the two individuals running down the street were responsible for car break-ins in his neighborhood.

The footage was turned over to the Ludlow Police Department. Officials have not confirmed whether the people in this video are connected to the department's arrest made on Tuesday, involving three suspects charged with car break-ins.

This including,18-year-old Yariel Berrios-Ortiz from Springfield. Two other 15-year-old males from Springfield were charged with receiving a stolen vehicle.

“We apprehended an individual that had been involved in breaking a window. Which is not very common,” Sgt. David Kornacki of the Ludlow Police Department said.

Sgt. Kornacki told Western Mass News this is a crime that has been taking place across several towns in our area.

“A lot of it originated out of Hartford, Conn. pretty much last summer. Recently towards the end of May, we had a series of car break-ins,” he said.

The Ludlow Police Department has been sharing information with other local departments to identify repeat offenders, specifically those targeting the electric park neighborhood in Ludlow.

“It tends to be the same general players involved in these incidents,” Sgt. Kornacki said.

Ryan Walsh, the spokesperson for the Springfield Police Department told Western Mass News there is a program in place across New England that helps detectives monitor activity.

“Whenever issues in the realm pop, they start talking and sharing information with other local departments. In this case, Ludlow is seeing some of the same issues we are seeing in East Forest Park and Sixteen Acres around our city,” Walsh said.

Sgt. Kornacki said the suspects take anything from cell phones, laptops to even lose change.

“So really, the ultimate defense is keeping your car doors locked, don’t keep your keys in your car,” Sgt. Kornacki said.

Walsh said it is important to report a car break-in whether or not something was taken.

“So even if nothing gets stolen from you it’s worth a call to at least get addressed in the books. So we can kind of pin that map to see where some of the issues are going on,” he said.

Officials said it’s important to note that if you see a car break-in happening to immediately call the police. But do not get involved while the crime is taking place. Anyone with surveillance footage is asked to contact their local police department.

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