SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- With students left to continue remote learning through the rest of the school year - hopes have now been dashed for those looking forward to going to prom this spring.

Western Mass News spoke to a local store on a mission to still create memories for those who were looking forward to their prom.

The coronavirus pandemic disrupting a lot of things - now high school prom plans too - as schools will remain closed through the summer.

The owner of a popular Springfield prom dress shop - Just-B's, Bianca Jackson who told Western Mass News it's something she didn't see coming.

"I didn't think it was going to affect us whatsoever or affect the girls, I think we all downplayed it, especially as a teenage girl your priorities are graduating, prom," Jackson explained.

With dozens of girls dress-hunting for months - many have already bought their dresses.

Jackson said many of her customers are asking what to do with their dresses.

"They've called, repeatedly...we're devastated that they may not be able to wear them this year," Jackson said.

The owner at Just-B's has found a way to save the spirit of prom for her customers, and still allow them to shine in their dresses.

"We came up with the idea, me and my sister, about doing...porch prom portraits so that girls can still glam up, we'll come up, we'll video the whole thing and take pictures so they'll have something to download and keep for their memories," Jackson explained.

Announcing this idea on social media on Tuesday, Jackson said many are already reaching out.

"We've had crazy responses, we already have a lot of girls set up," Jackson said.

Starting the first week of May, Jackson and three photographers will make their way to the location of their customers' choice for a free photoshoot, while respecting social distancing.

The only requirements...

"We're doing 20 minutes, within 20 miles and you have to have purchased a dress at Just-B's," Jackson said.

Despite not getting their traditional prom, Jackson told us it's important they feel like queens.

"It's bad enough that a girl can't go to prom, but when she's quarantined and has to be away from her friends...that's hard. So I think this will create a high or happiness that they may not have had," Jackson noted.

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