CHICOPEE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- The National Chicken Council said 1.38 billion wings will be eaten on Sunday.

More fun facts about that many wings: if one of them were eaten per second, it would take 44 years go get through them all.

That's so many wings that you could circle the earth three times over or give four of them to every person in the country.

However, what flavor is king in western Massachusetts?

The phone at E.B.'s in Agawam were ringing off the hook Friday with orders for the big game on Sunday.

Just get a look at all those order forms in owner Ed Borgatti's hands.

"With Sunday, doing about 15,000 wings, plus the boneless. It's a ton and a half to two tons of chicken. We book 2,100 wings an hour. That's on the bone wings. We do that because we need room for everything else," Borgatti explained.

All that chicken, ready to take a bath in sizzling oil.

"I know we use the highest quality product you can use, a jumbo sized wing - a chicken tenderloin that costs more - and people respond to it," Borgatti said.

Borgatti told Western Mass News to think of Sunday at E.B.'s kind of like the Patriots: everyone has a job to do.

"Yeah, that's it. It's all about the coaching. [You're Bill here?] It's the same thing, yeah. [And Matt is your Brady?] Basically, yes," Borgatti said..

The sauce of choice, the golden.

"We have customers say they like bathing in this," Borgatti added.

At the local shop, it sees like golden is the sauce to have, but what about at the powerhouse of chicken, Buffalo Wild Wings?

Tom Baron is the general manager in Chicopee. He thinks this year's big game will top last year's wild totals.

"We did 14 million I'd say about 30 cases here," Baron noted.

Baron's king of the fryer is Ray Owens.

Which sauce rules them all at B-Dubs?

"The parmesan garlic is a phenomenally good seller, as well as the honey barbeque," Baron explained.

So the two eateries may not be able to agree on sauces, but they do agree on two things.

The first is that they're ready for you and two, call ahead.

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