Local students preparing for Saturday's 'March for Our Lives'

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Many are calling for action on gun control as another nationwide movement is set for Saturday.

Today, Parkland shooting survivors, lawmakers, and others gathered in Washington.

The 'March for Our Lives' rallies will be held across the country and in western Massachusetts.

Rallies will be held in several cities and towns including Springfield and Northampton.

Just over a week after students across the country walked out of school in support of tougher gun control laws, more rallies are being held Saturday nationwide.

In western Massachusetts, rallies are being held in Springfield, Northampton, and Amherst.

Students in Amherst gathered earlier this week to make signs.

"We just want to show that, despite the fact that we can't vote, we still have an opinion and we want to show that since we are the leaders of the future and right now, we want to show that we are involved," said Amelia Ryan, a student at Longmeadow High School.

Sarah Reyes and Amelia Ryan will be taking to the streets of Springfield to call for gun reform and for local representatives to take action.

"In Massachusetts, we are fortunate to have representatives that support gun reform for the most part in congress at least and we want to make sure they are upholding their beliefs.. that they are really fighting to make things happen to make change happen," Reyes, who is also a student at Longmeadow High, added.

The rallies come after the deadly mass shooting at a Florida high school that killed 17 people last month.

"With the Parkland shooting that was kind of a wake-up call for a lot of students, that has made a lot of students join the movement and now, we have the numbers to march as a group," Reyes added.

The march in Springfield will begin at Court Square and make way through downtown with speakers at the steps of city hall.

"Just basic gun reform, not trying to take away the Second Amendment or alienate people and their gun rights," Ryan explained.

A bus will be taking people to Boston and another to Washington to take part in the marches in those cities.

Things are expected to get going around noon Saturday.

Rallies are also being held in Northampton and Amherst.

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