LUDLOW, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - One high school football team is getting a little help from a local college trainer.

To be average, you usually do what everyone else is doing, but the Ludlow High School football team wants to be above average this season.

In doing so, the team is putting in work not only during practice, but before practice.

Helping them out is former three-time athlete at Ludlow and current student at Springfield College Morgan Foye.

Foye helps train these young men, making sure they are getting not only physically stronger, but translating their strength and progress in the weight room onto the field.

“She definitely pushes us. She pushes us a lot here. Makes us work hard here. Then, we work hard on the field," sophomore Michael Gilirein tells us.

“She’ll just be like fix this, go lighter and it focuses us and makes sure that we’re all actually getting stuff out of it.” says junior Antwone Webb.

Foye tells Western Mass News that, being a former Ludlow athlete, constantly being in the weight room allows her to not only be confident in her training abilities, but impactful as well.

“I loved it. We would get here at like 6 a.m. It was only like eight kids. We would lift and your teammates are your teammates. You want to build them up, but it’s also like they’re your competitors and I thought that was awesome and I wanted to spread that," explained Foye.

And many of these players say with the help of Foye in the weight room off the field translates immensely onto the field.

“My dead lift has gone up 300 pounds. It’s like 500 now, so earlier, freshman year, I wouldn’t have been able to do half of that," noted Webb.

And while this place usually involves a whole lot of lifting it's also..

“An escape for them, you know? It’s a big stress reliever, especially the weight room. There’s kids that will come lift before and after team practices," stated Foye.

And working only a little more than the average is developing skills that go way beyond the football field.

“They’re more disciplined and their more focused. That’s huge," added Foye.

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