SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- This latest storm left behind a real mess. Some people who use public transportation told Western Mass News that getting access to bus stops is almost impossible, if not dangerous.

Driving around western Massachusetts, it's clear that some PVTA bus stops have not been touched.

What's not quite as clear is who is responsible for cleaning them up.

We didn't have to go far to find PVTA bus stops that haven't been cleared, including several on Riverdale Street in West Springfield and another in Springfield.

Patrick Ingle told Western Mass News that he was at two bus stops this morning and both times, he had to stand in the street.

"They weren't very well cleaned out. I mean, I don't know who's in charge of doing that," Ingle explained.

Who is in charge? We went to PVTA headquarters and Brandy Pelletier to get some clarification. Her answer may surprise you.

"PVTA has about 2,000 bus stops in our service area and the owner of that location that the stop or shelter is placed on is responsible for clearing," Pelletier noted.

Bottom line: most often, it is not up to the PVTA

They do clear all bus shelters on Springfield city property only

Everywhere else, you own the land the bus stop sits on and you clean the bus stop. That includes colleges, universities, and shopping centers.

All other stops are addressed by individual cities and towns.

"They should have their local ordinance, so whether it's a shop that's placed there, city or college, it falls on them for the municipality to delegate to them who's responsibility it would be," Pelletier said.

Pelletier added that the PVTA would like to patrol all their stops, but with 2,000, it's unrealistic. She understands the confusion.

"There is because people see the PVTA bus stop or shelter and maybe think that PVTA owns it, but we don't, so unfortunately, it's not our responsibility," Pelletier said.

The PVTA said that if a stop looks uncleared, the driver will pull up to the nearest safe location. Do not stand in the street.

"It is a safety issue because if people are driving reckless and they don't see you standing there," Ingle said.

The PVTA encourages anyone who has an issue with a bus stop to report it. That can be done on their website.

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