Longmeadow school cafeteria worker fired after sexual harassment investigation

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In Longmeadow, the police department told Western Mass News that they are aware of two separate sexual misconduct allegations.

They are unrelated alleged incidents, but both involving Longmeadow public schools.

At the middle school, police are investigating a sexual assault allegation involving students, and they are also aware of a sexual harassment allegation that occurred at Longmeadow High School.

We have confirmed that an employee has been fired.

The town of Longmeadow grappling with two separate and unrelated sexual misconduct allegations -- one at Glenbrook Middle School and one at Longmeadow High School.

“I don’t know why it’s so rampant," said Marcia Kessler.

Dr. M. Martin O'Shea, superintendent for Longmeadow Public Schools, issued this statement Wednesday to parents and staff that read, in part, "It distresses me to notify you that there was an alleged sexual assault, involving two students, that occurred at the conclusion of the school day at Glenbrook Middle School on Tuesday, December 5.”

The alleged incident is now under investigation by the Longmeadow Police Department.

“We are working right now to do the investigation to determine what exactly had occurred," said Longmeadow Police Lt. Robert Stocks.

Over at Longmeadow High School, Western Mass News has learned that, based on a sexual harassment allegation by a school cafeteria worker, the head chef was placed on-leave pending an investigation.

The cafeteria employees work for Whitsons Culinary Group based out of New York.

A spokesperson told Western Mass News, "This particular employee has been terminated and this investigation has been concluded. As a company, we do not tolerate harassment of any kind or any kind of discrimination or retaliation. We have a strict policy to that effect.”

This particular incident is not under investigation by the Longmeadow Police Department.

“We have a school resource office that works in the school system, so certainly she will be our liaison, but at this time, it’s a matter being handled by the school department and the food service vendor," Stocks explained.

Both alleged incidents causing a stir for families in town.

“An adult is old enough to speak for herself. Kids sometimes don’t want to say anything because they don’t want to get in trouble. They think it’s their fault whatever happens," said Donna Szwed.

The alleged incident at the middle school does remain under investigation.

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