The Lord Jeffrey Inn at Amherst College is getting a new name.

Amherst College decided to drop the name as part of the school's effort to disassociate itself with the controversial 18th-century British general.

Historians said that Lord Jeffrey Amherst once advocated for the distribution of blankets infected with smallpox as a means of wiping out the Native American population.

In a press release obtained by Western Mass News, Amherst College decided the Lord Jeffrey Inn will renamed to The Inn on Boltwood in 2019.

"The Lord Jeff as an historical figure is not a figure that now in this day and age unites and binds." said Amherst College's Chief of Campus Operations.

Brassord told Western Mass News that the name change has received positive reviews.

"Amongst the campus community we've heard a lot of positives about The Inn on Boltwood that it connects to place and speaks to the connection with the town," Brassord explained.

In 2016, a student movement helped to change the Amherst College mascot from 'Lord Jeff' to the 'Mammoths.'

"We have classes here on campus where they studied a lot about the Lord Jeff to really confirm if it was true all these rumors, so I think once you know the history, you're pretty open to the fact that it should change," said sophomore Rafi Demereth.

The name change for the mascot, and now the inn, creating national attention

"I feel like when we do get national attention it's perceived as negative, but I'm glad people are recognizing that we're making steps to be a more inclusive community and a better community for everyone who attends this school," said senior Nekhoe Hogan.

Hogan applauds college trustees for following through on a promise.

"I'm just glad that we're actually thinking about it and changing things that are harmful in our community," Hogan added.

The restaurant at the Lord Jeffery Inn was renovated and renamed 30 Boltwood in 2012.

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