SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- A local immunologist said lung exercises could mean the difference between life and death for some people diagnosed with coronavirus.

Western Mass News spoke with a doctor on what we should be doing every day to try and stay healthy.

The technique goes back centuries, but local immunologist, Doctor Jonathan Bayuk feels it's so important - he put out a "how-to" on YouTube that's getting tremendous response.

"One of the things that you can do to prevent it from getting into your lungs is to practice breathing before you get sick," Dr. Bayuk said.

Dr. Bayuk with Allergy and Immunology Associates of New England has conducted years of research on the human immune system.  He put together this YouTube video to get information out to as many as possible, as we continue to battle the coronavirus.

"One of the things we know that work is breathing techniques and there has even been quite a bit of change in the way we're taking care of patients at the hospital. The way our lungs work is most of it, in the back part of our torso and so when you get sick, the tendency is to want to lay down, lay on our back and just let things get better," Dr. Bayuk explained.

But unfortunately, with this particular virus, that's not good because it can get into the back parts of your lungs and make your lungs weaker and weaker and more compromised.

He said, think of your lungs like a big sponge.

"When it’s healthy it opens and air can come in and come out. When it’s not healthy, things stick together and it’s important that we open them up, to the best of our ability, by using our breathing techniques," Dr. Bayuk noted.

As you get out there to take a walk or other forms of exercise, get those lungs in for a workout.

"One of the things you can do is to several times in a row, take a deep, deep breath in and hold it for five seconds like this...[Then] repeat that five times," Dr. Bayuk explained in the video.

After, he also said, give a good and deep cough.

"Just a really deep cough to try to expand the air in your lungs because the bottom part of your lungs can collapse on itself, it’s called basil elapses. If the virus gets in there it’s going to expand and cause more problems and accelerate things much more quickly," Dr. Bayuk explained.

If you're sick with coronavirus...

"You’ve got to move. So if you get sick, and you need to lay down, that’s fine, but you have to lay on your side, you’ve got to move over, you’ve got to sit up," Dr. Bayuk

Or lay on your stomach...

"If you get sick, those deep breaths can and probably will hurt because of the inflammation going on. That's going to be harder," Dr. Bayuk noted.

Even so, he said, keep breathing...even if it's painful.

Dr. Bayuk said these breathing techniques are good practice for any age.

Not to mention lowering stress particularly during this time.

For more information on Dr. Bayuk's YouTube video, you can click here.

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