Mass. DOT releases report of the most dangerous intersections

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Mass. DOT recently released a report detailing the most dangerous intersections in the state.

Springfield has two in the top 30, and one intersection came in as the fifth worst in the state.

The report released by the DOT contains numbers from 2015 of accidents data from intersections across the state.

The worst is in Worcester but Springfield has two intersections in the top 30 most dangerous in the state.

Coming in at number 5 is Sumner Avenue at Belmont Avenue: Total crashes: 110 Injury crashes: 36 Non-reported: 74That intersection is known as the 'X', and as you can see in our video captured by the Western Mass News Sky Drone, and those who drive in Springfield said it's incredibly dangerous

"I’ve seen near car collisions, yeah, it’s crazy," said Ramon Holmes.

The other intersection cracking the top 30 at number 26 is St. James Boulevard at St. James Avenue: Total crashes: 172 Injury crashes: 28 Non-reported:32Many drivers in the city know these two intersections for the near misses or accidents they've seen here. Both are very busy and maintained by the city.

"This one and the 'X' are the most dangerous it’s because of all the businesses and no one knows where to go," Holmes added.

Mass. DOT is working on a $2.4 million proposal to fix the St. James intersection for fiscal year 2022.

Drivers we spoke with said they aren’t confident anything can be done to make it safer, but they hope for the best.

If you would like to take a look at intersections throughout the state with the top amount of crashes, please visit the link here.

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