SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Governor Charlie Baker announced back-to-school guidelines that will create a new normal this fall, but not everyone is on board with them.

Parents and teachers want their kids to be back in school, but there are concerns about how it's being done.

One of the guidelines - when class resumes in a couple of months - requires students in the second grade or above to wear face coverings. The guidelines also include educators and staff, but one parent thinks for kids, it may be challenging.

“I feel like adults can get used to it pretty quickly but for the children, that's a different thing," said Holyoke resident Dainytza Veria

Veria has a son with special educational needs who attends Holyoke Public Schools. Veria also told us she works as a behavioral therapist at Longmeadow Public Schools.

Another measure to be put in place is any staff supporting students with disabilities in close proximity must wear eye protection and a face cover; they can also wear gloves, and gowns and Veria thinks that’s a bit much.

"To see someone in this huge get up just trying to provide some services to these children. It's very traumatic," Veria said.

The Massachusetts Teachers Association is calling on the state to provide all adequate resources for every school, including face masks.

“To return back-to-school safely, we need full funding. The restoration of staff that got laid off and beyond," said Massachusetts Teachers Association's President Merrie Majimy.

Right now the state said students or their families must provide face masks, but one local school psychologist thinks otherwise.

“But if they don't have them then the school should provide them. I know that's what the school has been doing all this time," said school psychologist Doctor Devan Green.

Now, this is an initial fall school reopening guidance. It is subjective to change depending on the state of the coronavirus in the months to come.

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