CHICOPEE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Homeowners in Chicopee are voicing their concerns over their trash and recycling pick up.

People said some days their trash is picked up, other days it's not, and they'll even find it left on the curb.

The 35 gallon trash bins residents currently have were introduced in 2017 as part of the Chicopee trash reduction program as a way to decrease trash, increase recycling, and reduce costs.

But several homeowners told Western Mass News the smaller bins have caused even bigger problems.

"I've seen bags left on the curb. I've seen trash bins, recycling bins that are overflowing that are not picked up, and then the trash ends up all over the place," said one Chicopee resident.

It's not only the size of the trash bins that pose a problem, residents said they're also frustrated with the city's trash and recycle pick up process.

"Different parts of the city there's a lot of trash that's left over. We in Chicopee, we're blessed for so long to be able to put anything out curbside. Then we had to be reduced to these little tiny Barbie totes, so it's a tough transition," said Chicopee resident Jean Fitzgerald.

"You figure if you got a family of five, how can you expect them to put all their trash in that little tiny tote," Fitzgerald continued.

The city of Chicopee website lists these curbiside trash guidelines:

  • Trash must be placed in the city issued 35-gallon cart
  • The lid must be closed
  • Trash cannot be piled on the top of the cart

If someone has excess trash, they can purchase official yellow overflow bags and place them next to or on top of their trash cart.

Fitzgerald said she's noticed more people dumping trash in other places around the city.

"I was at Szot Park the other day and I noticed that the trash there was overflowing, never saw that before. I think people are resorting to when they can't get their trash picked up curbside, they're trying to figure out other places to put it. Whether it's down by the river, or whether it's in a barrel in the park, and that's just not right because it's defeating the whole purpose," Fitzgerald noted.

She noted that she also wants to warn people along Chicopee Street.

Earlier this week she saw a couple driving a van jumping out and putting bags of trash in other peoples bins, which could lead to those homeowners trash not being picked up, or receiving a fine.

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