SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- There's a simple solution to avoid getting a ticket right after a snowstorm, and that's to clean off your car. 

No one enjoys having to brush off snow or chip away at ice, but it is so important you clean off your car and clean it completely.

That includes all windows, lights, even your license plate, and don't forget about the roof so you don't have layers of snow and ice that can fly off and be a major hazard.

As people dug out and hit the road Wednesday morning, many drivers said they noticed not everyone took the time to properly clean off their car.

"As you’re driving on the road what you’re seeing is ice coming off the top of cars and a lot of snow as well. It’s tough to drive through that because you see it sort of bouncing around and you don’t know if it’s soft or hard. It’s an uncomfortable experience," said Johnnie Walker.

It's a big problem that could lead to a pricey ticket, damaged car, or someone getting seriously hurt.

"If you leave all that ice and you come to a stop, that’s going to fly off your roof, over your windshield to obstruct your vision. On the reverse side of that, maybe you’re accelerating, it flies off your roof and goes into someone’s windshield. The potential for an accident is certainly there," said Ludlow Police Sgt. Michael Gilrein.

Tuesday night's storm left a number of cars encased in ice, and police want to remind drivers that also needs to be completely cleared from any windows and lights.

"If you can’t see out your window, it’s not just your front window, it’s important to see the back and both sides. You have rearview mirrors, how are you going to see out of those with the obstruction of ice on your windows," Sgt. Gilrein continued.

Irene Murray told Western Mass News she thought she got all the snow and ice off her car before hitting the road, but later found out there's one area she forgot to clean off.

"I didn’t know it was down near the grill and it came smashing into my windshield. I was afraid it was going to break, but it didn’t. So I was thinking, alright I got to remember this for next time. Clean the car off completely," said Murray.

To put things in perspective, police said you can either go buy a $15 scraper from the store, or you could be stuck with a $200 ticket for driving with an unsecured load.

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