EAST LONGMEADOW, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Three men are facing disturbing charges after East Longmeadow police said they tried to entice and kidnap an 11-year-old boy.

Thursday night, Western Mass News learned they met the boy on a social media app and one of the men is employed by Springfield Public Schools.

Court documents obtained by Western Mass News describe what police said happened between the three men and the 11-year-old boy, who we are not naming because he's a minor.

Police said the investigation started in October.

According to court documents, it began when the parents of an 11-year-old boy found gay social networking apps on his phone:

"Upon looking through their son's profile on the application Hornet, it was found he was in multiple conversations with adult males, some sharing pornographic photos of themselves with the 11-year-old male and also enticing him for sex."

East Longmeadow police arrested 48-year-old Raymond Corbeil, who we've learned is a tradesman worker with Springfield Public Schools.

A district spokesperson told Western Mass News that Corbeil wasn't assigned to one school but would travel to various ones.

He's charged with one count of enticement of a child under 16.

The school spokesperson noted that Corbeil has been suspended from his job as of Friday, November 9.

Corbeil’s Attorney Jared Olanoff released a statement to Western Mass News that read:

"Mr. Paulo is 19 years old and has never met the alleged victim. Mr. Paulo is accused of sending explicit photographs on an adult dating app, which requires all users to certify that they are 18 years of age or older. Users of the app are reasonable in presuming that every other user is at least 18. For someone to certify that they are 18 when they are in fact not is at the very least a false statement and a fraudulent use of the app. Such deception calls into question the viability of the case."

As police continued their investigation, they said they learned two other men were also having conversations with the boy.

"It appears that in some of the conversations, the 11-year-old male portrays himself as someone older in the beginnings of the conversations, but in three chats, the victim tells the adult males he is chatting with an age under 16 at which time they continue talking with him."

Police identify those two men as 67-year-old Kenneth Gullotti from Springfield and 19-year-old Nathaniel Paulo from Ludlow.

"Upon looking through the chats between Gullotti and the victim, it was made apparent that the two engaged in multiple chats, and appeared as if Gullotti and the victim had met at least one time."

While police were questioning Gullotti, they said he "admits to picking up the victim from his address."

Gullotti is charged with two counts of kidnapping a child and two counts of enticement of a child under 16.

Police said the 11-year-old boy was also chatting with Nathanial Paulo, who they said knew the boy was underage, writing in the chat "I am in sixth grade."

Paulo is charged with nine counts of obscene matter to a minor.

All three men have been arraigned in Palmer District Court.

Western Mass News did reached out to Gullotti and Paulo's attorneys but have not heard back as of this writing.

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