SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Next weekend on October 21 is the 25th annual Rays of Hope walk and run toward the cure for breast cancer.

Each week throughout October during breast cancer awareness month, Western Mass News is focusing in on the people and procedures making such a difference in fighting this disease.

Friday night we introduced you to two women, a survivor and her cousin whose dance party in the operating room went viral, touching millions across the world.

"Niki looked at the surgeon and said do you think we could have a dance party, and Dr. Kowar was so excited about the idea and she took out her phone right away and said what song do you want to dance to?," said Lindsey Bubar.

"I said this is how we're doing it, this is what we're doing. I want everybody on board, I don't want any tears. This is a happy time, everybody get on board!" said Nicole Diffley, Lindsey's cousin.

The two cousins have been thick as thieves since they can remember.

"Throughout life I think we've been each other's comic relief in a way. I wanted to have this one moment where she could look back and say, that was an awesome time," said Diffley.

What they needed that day last April was a little laughter.

"I don't think it's a huge surprise to anyone in my social circle that this happened. I think we're all surprised at the magnitude at which it spread," said Bubar.

And boy did it spread, with more than 5 million views so far.

"I posted it and someone said, can you make it public. Not realizing that it was going to India, Ireland, the UK," said Diffley.

"I've gotten messages from people all over the world that have reached out to me thanking me saying I gave them hope. That's what's sticking with me, its not the hair loss, its not the surgical pain, its not the radiation, that sort of stuff, that's gone, that's done. I don't think about that I just think about how wonderful this journey has been for me," said Bubar.

After a year long journey, two surgeries, chemo, and 29 rounds of radiation, she said wonderful.

"It was just such a wonderful moment and for that reason and so many other reasons. I can't look back on this experience, on this whole journey and be mad about it," said Bubar.

Lindsey by the way is doing great. She goes in for reconstructive surgery the day after the rays of hope walk which again is October 21.

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