SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- When the temperatures drop in the winter, people across New England crank up the heat, but now there's a new energy efficient plan could help you save.

The Department of Public Utilities just released a new plan last month to cut electricity and natural gas costs over the next three years.

The new plan was introduced last month under Mass Save.

It's giving homeowners an incentive to switch from traditional oil and gas furnaces to electric heat pumps.

"What the heat pump is doing its using air. It is the air that is being warmed in the ground or cooled in the ground or cooled outside and bringing it with these pumps throughout your home," Priscilla Ress with Eversource explained.

The incentives could cut costs for homeowners.

Western Mass News took a look at the annual average cost for heating your home in New England.


According to Mass.gov natural gas is the cheapest at $983, heating with oil costs $1,642, and heating with propane costs $2,118.

The most expensive way to heat your home is with electric resistance heat for $4,511.

Ress said the new program is designed to help home owners cut costs in the long run

"Anytime you are putting in a new system there are up front costs and this is something that is being taken into consideration in this new plan," Ress continued.

The program not only helps home owners but the enviroment as well.

"They say with this new plan this new three year plan it is the equivalent of taking a half million cars off the highway," Ress noted.

Ress said it is all about taking advantage of the programs that are avalible.

"They have a saying for every dollar invested you will save three dollars when you use energy effeciancy," Ress added.

According to Ress, the best way to start saving is to first make sure your home is energy efficient, then check out all the programs Mass Save offers to cut your costs even more.

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