SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- A Springfield mom is speaking out after she claims her daughter received threatening letters at school; letters she believes are part of a national challenge.

A character called 'Momo' is at the center of a national challenge that encourage kids to harm others or themselves.

Stephanie Croteau said her daughter, a second grader at Dorman Elementary School became a victim of this challenge.

Croteau said she was going through her daughter Michelle's backpack Sunday night when she found a disturbing find.

"I was just looking for chap stick in her backpack and I came across a unicorn notebook. I didn't think anything of it, it was more of a diary type of thing," said Croteau.

While holding the notebook, Croteau said loose papers slipped out with written messages she couldn't believe.

"I continued to read through the papers and I saw in the middle of the book there was pages where it said, 'I wanted to kill her and a couple of her friends at school," Croteau continued.

Croteau said some of the letters had the word 'Momo' on them. That's when she decided to take a deeper look into what that meant.

She later found out it's part of a challenge that urges kids through social media, to do a series of tasks that result in harm.

"It's a serious threat so whether they're 7 or 8. That's my biggest problem that these 7 or 8 year olds are threatening these kind of things," Croteau added.

Croteau said a group of five kids were involved with these letter, and it started after one of the kids watched a Youtube video about Momo.

Croteau told Western Mass News she contacted her daughter's school and reached out to the Mayor's office and even filed a police report.

Springfield police confirm they are aware of the incident, and Mayor Domenic Sarno told Western Mass News that he was in contact with the mom.

Sarno said he wants the issue resolved to give for her some peace of mind.

For Croteau, she said she really wants to encourage other parents to be mindful of what they're kids are watching online.

"I'm a mother of three so it's very hard. It's also hard losing a child and I don't want to know what that feels like," Croteau continued.

Croteau said her daughter's teacher did talk to the class about the challenge, and she has a meeting at the school superintendent's office later this month.

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