HOLYOKE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - Residents forced out of their Holyoke apartment building, after part of the facade came tumbling down, now have more support on their side.

The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, known as MEMA, sent a team to Holyoke today.

We spoke to some of the people who live in that building who tell us they are feeling a little better as the situation seems to be turning around.

“I’m happy. Not as frustrated. Not as anxious. Not as sacred. I’m feeling a lot better," Holyoke resident Crusi Rodriguez tells us.

The city of Holyoke, the Red Cross, and now the State Emergency Management Agency, MEMA, have all stepped in to help families from a Holyoke apartment building that partially collapsed on Sunday.

MEMA was called in on Thursday to help the displaced tenants.

“We can bring state agencies and local agencies to one place so that affected individuals can come here, see everybody they need to see in one place," Thad Leugemors, the assistant director of Medication Recovery for MEMA, stated.

And some of the resources provided...

“Housing resources. Salvation Army is here. They provide food, clothing-type resources. The Department of Transitional Assistance will replace snap benefits or sign people up for snap benefits if they haven't been. Unemployment services, veterans services, elder services. Basically any need you can think of we bring to the situation," says Leugemors.

Crusi Rodriguez tells Western Mass News it was pretty hard to wait for something to be done, but things are getting better.

“Right now, I feel a little bit more relieved that there’s people actually here trying to help us and trying have us placed in homes or shelters or hotels," said Rodriguez.

On Wednesday, Western Mass News was there as tenants confronted the building's landlord, demanding answers and help.

Rodriguez says their frustration still continues.

“We paid rent, we paid deposit, and we at least want our deposit back so we can at least keep paying for hotels or try to make moves to see where we’re going to end up," explained Rodriguez.

Meanwhile, the tenants are taking their landlord to court tomorrow in Springfield, where they plan to express all of their concerns.

“He needs to take responsibility for his building and his tenants," added Rodriguez.

And the city is also taking further steps, filing an emergency petition for the repairs to be made, which should be heard as early as Monday.

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