Exactly three months from today, on Friday, August 24, the new MGM Springfield casino will open its doors in the city's South End.

Today, another construction milestone was reached as the big dome on the hotel was installed.

Plenty of Springfield residents - young and old - took the time to see it for themselves.

It’s amazing what one can learn through life experiences, and today was no different for nearly a dozen young kids, who looked on in awe as the top of MGM’s hotel was put in place.

“We’ve been watching it being built since the beginning, so we were really excited and wanted to come out.” said Kaprice Jones, a Pre-K teacher at SquareOne A dome was raised Thursday, capping off the top level of the five story MGM Springfield hotel. The dome sits just above the hotel’s presidential suite.

Construction crews have been busy bringing this billion dollar resort-casino to life.

Thursday morning, a small crowd watched a massive crane lift the dome as tall as Michael Jordan into the sky. “It’s been fun to watch. It’s been very hectic as you can imagine with all the traffic and all the construction. I’m excited to see the finished product," Jones added.

Jones told Western Mass News that the kids do a lot of talking about structures, buildings, construction, and the community, so it all ties into the program’s core values, and keeps the kids excited.

“It is for them and just to hear the words that they use: drone and dome, it’s above us, words that we are teaching here, it’s amazing," Jones noted.

The hotel dome came all the way from southern California to be here. It’s made of fiberglass with a steel frame, and took about eight weeks to make.

Crews spent the day welding the dome down, as another milestone is complete.

MGM told Western Mass News that the design seamlessly weaves the property into the very fabric of the city they are proud to join.

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