SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - The news of tension between Iran and the U.S. could have bigger implications for local military bases further down the road.

Western Mass News spoke with a local professor, who says the back-and-forth between Iran and the United States means a lot of military displays and shows of strength.

He says soldiers across the country have to be ready to answer anytime a president calls for military power.

"What president trump clearly wants is the credit for a victory without the political cost without the deaths, without the extravagance that a real war requires. The president doesn't want an actual war he wants a near war," John Baick, a professor of history at Western New England University, tells us.

Baick says that President Trump's decision to nullify the 2015 Iran nuclear deal has led to increased tensions and military displays between the two countries.

"What's possible is some escalating military maneuvers, like a drone being destroyed or a ship being sunk. The problem with this is that this could lead us, trip us into a war," says Baick.

Baick tells Western Mass News that these near-war situations require military preparation at bases around the country.

"We have a very large military contingent out here, both active service, reservists, as well as people who are veterans and family members. The whole Pioneer Valley, we tend to very much support whatever the policies are of the White House. Whether you believe in a war or not, when duty calls, people respond," stated Baick.

Baick believes that it would take a lot more aggression between the two countries before a formal war breaks out, and local bases, like Barnes and Westover, are involved

"What's probably going to happen is that you're going to have more people called to active service, more people deployed. You're going to have people who have their life plans changed, because, suddenly, your unit's being sent out. It's going to be more of a training than an actual combat, but that still could involve deployment overseas," added Baick.

We spoke with officials at Westover Air Base.

They declined to comment on the story directly, but did say that, because they are a reserve base, it would take a lot for them to get called overseas since they are not active duty.

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