The coach-player relationship can be so crucial over the course of a season, and there may not be a better example than at Mohawk Trail Regional, where their head coach has two senior sons manning the front line.

The Mohawk coach has made it very clear that the two players who share his last name are treated the same as any of the other 27 who suit up.

Welcome to Mohawk Trail Regional High School, home of the Warriors, where football has been a staple since the school's inception.

Head football coach Doug McCloud played on the 1968 championship team. He's also coached here for 25 years, but may see a little bit of himself in his identical twins Zach and Brady.

"You try to treat them like everybody else. It's what you do. They don't get any special privileges; they don't get anything special."

The McCloud family story goes beyond the halls of the high school.

Zach and Brady have been around the game forever, taking team buses from the moment they could walk, listening in locker rooms as toddlers, and drawing up plays since they were old enough to write.

His oldest son also coached alongside him before attending college.

Every Saturday, the McClouds find a football game, even their opponents, from Pioneer Valley Regional to Franklin Tech.

Anything and everything to learn the game they value so much.

Coach MccCloud has taken it beyond the wins and losses. To his sons, football has been a lifelong experience of highs and lows, and of life lessons they will never forget.

"Some years you win, and some years you don't, but it's a great game, it creates great young men, and I've got 29 of them. I love every minute of it."Copyright 2017 Western Mass News (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved.

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