SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Today marks one year since 23-year-old Achim Bailey went missing after a night out at a Springfield bar.

The months that followed brought the community together, rallying behind his family as they tried to find him.

And even after his eventual confirmed death, we’ve seen action taken by the city following our exclusive investigation into the bar’s role the night he went missing.

Western Mass News reporter, James Villalobos has not stopped getting answers on Achim's disappearance and death.

One year later, he continues to dig deeper into the case.

This folder right here holds all of the information, notes, and interviews I've gathered over the past year regarding Achim Bailey’s disappearance.

Many of you have been passionate about this case and followed it for months.

Let’s remind you how our coverage started one-year ago today.

Achim Bailey's disappearance and death as of today marks one-year.

Since the very beginning, Western Mass News has been your go-to source for updates in the disappearance of Achim Bailey.

His story began after he was reported missing following a night out at Samuel’s in downtown Springfield.

Authorities investigating the case said Achim was kicked out of the bar just after 1:40 a.m., minutes before closing, for allegedly flirting inappropriately with a woman.

The timeline we aired last year, shows how he was spotted on city surveillance cameras approaching the Memorial Bridge, but his phone was last pinged at around 3 a.m., near the South End Bridge.

Family and friends, such as Hugh Bailey began holding search parties, working for weeks with Springfield Police Detective John Lopez.

"Let’s see if we can get something that could get us closer to really finding our son and bring our son back home," Hugh explained.

Desperate for answers, the family began offering a reward for his safe return home, which would eventually reach $10,000.

The biggest break coming 12-days after his disappearance when his phone was found at the location it was last pinged by Dante Pagan, minutes before a search party was set to begin.

Pagan sat down and spoke exclusively with Western Mass News after he began receiving threats.

“I want everybody to have it clear that I had nothing to do with this and whoever has information please just come forward," Pagan said.

During our coverage, neither Springfield police nor the Hall of Fame property management group provided us with surveillance video.

So Western Mass News submitted our own public records request for it.

About three weeks after his disappearance, for the first time, we were able to see Achim on video as he walked along Hall of Fame Avenue.

And his parents expressed concerns about his condition that night.

"On camera you see him he was really staggering out there, they should’ve helped them. Hugh: It’s very heartbreaking, I don’t even try to look at it anymore. They should’ve helped him.” Achim's parents said.

As the search for Achim continued, billboards with his name, face and reward began to appear all across western Mass and northern Connecticut.

With still no answers, a new reward was offered for any information on Achim, regardless of condition.

"Oh Achim we miss you so much, your dad's heart is aching, he just wants you back," Hugh said.

A big break came on March 15, when we received a tip that a body was seen floating by...not far from the South End Bridge.

The official confirmed that it was Achim came three days later and investigators said there were no signs of foul play.

Questions still remained about the circumstances into his disappearance, so we looked into the bar’s role.

A Western Mass News investigation uncovered that Samuels' did not follow their security plan the night Achim went missing, and we also received an exclusive video that showed Achim’s condition moments after he was kicked out of the bar.

We also found that Samuels' did not have working cameras inside the night he was kicked out.

Mayor Sarno took action and called for two hearings following our reports, and ultimately suspended Samuel's entertainment license last week and called for updates to their plan.

Coming up later tonight on Western Mass News at 10 p.m. on FOX6, we return to the Bailey's living room to sit down with Achim's parents to talk about this past year without their son, and get the reaction to the actions taken by the city.

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