CHICOPEE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- A Chicopee business owner is dead and a Monson man now stands accused his murder.

The arrest stemmed from an investigation last night on Montgomery Street in Chicopee, where police said a body was found inside a car with a bullet wound to the head.

William Allsop, 45, is accused of shooting Gary Gaudette Jr., 39, of Springfield in Chicopee yesterday, near Gaudette's business, Arrow Tree Service.

However, according to public court documents obtained by Western Mass News, the circumstances leading up to Gaudette's death are unusual and only leave more questions.

The scene around 1296 Montgomery Street was quiet Friday morning with very little left behind of the police's investigation into Gary Gaudette Jr's death.

According to publicly-available court documents, Gaudette Jr., who police said owns Arrow Tree Service, was found sitting in a truck. Officers reported they "...observed a bullet entry wound in the back of his head."

The documents said Gaudette Jr. was found by his father, Gary Gaudette Sr. Thursday night.

In reviewing security footage, officers said Gaudette Jr. was on Montgomery Street, along with William Allsop.

In the video, officers said Gaudette Jr. got back into his truck and was not seen alive afterwards.

The documents said William Allsop got into the passenger side of Gaudette's truck, before exiting, getting back into his own vehicle, and leaving the scene.

According to police narrative, Gaudette Jr.'s father became concerned when his son wasn't answering the phone.

After speaking with police, officers said Gaudette Jr.'s father identified William Allsop, saying: "...Allsop was a childhood friend of his son..."

Police said Allsop agreed to meet with them at the Monson Police Department.

According to court documents, Allsop claimed not to know what happened to Gaudette Jr. but did tell police "Allsop stated that he recently had Gary's company put in his (Allsop's name)."

The reason, Allsop claimed in court documents, was because his credit score was better than Gaudette Jr's.

In the documents, Allsop told police: "Allsop stated that Arrow Tree was in debt, and he was going to be in debt due to taking on the company."

From there, police said they uncovered electronic communications between the two men, talking about gambling.

The documents report Gaudette Jr. asking Allsop to place gambling bets for him and the communication suggested to police that Gaudette Jr, makes a lot of money.

From there, Allsop was taken into custody, charged with murder.

What wasn't clear from the documents was why the two men met in the street in front of the business before Gary was found dead.

Allsop was arraigned in court earlier today. According to the Hampden District Attorney's office, he is being held without the right to bail and is scheduled to appear in court again on December 20.

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