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SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- The mother of a Springfield, MA woman was searching for a nurse who she said came to her daughter's aid during a car accident.

"Getting ready to sit down to dinner, I got a phone call from Kelli's phone," said Brenda Franklin.

When Franklin answered the phone call from her daughter Monday night, she heard the tell-tale signs of an emergency.

"It was really noisy. I heard a lot of sirens. I immediately knew something was wrong," Franklin added.

Hundreds of miles away in Tennessee, Franklin told Western Mass News via Skype she could hear her daughter, Kelli, was in trouble in Springfield.

"We were in an accident. It's pretty bad," Franklin said.

Then Franklin heard the voice of a woman she's never met before.

"She said I am an ER nurse from Baystate Medical Center. I'm here with your daughter. She seems coherent. I'm going to keep her stabilized," Franklin explained.

Franklin said she was confused by the combination of an ER nurse and loud sirens.

"I said I'm sorry. I thought you were in the hospital. She said I saw the accident and I'm just here helping. She was trying to keep me in the loop," Franklin noted.

In a photo from the night of the accident, you can see there's still some damage to a telephone pole, a mailbox was underneath Kelli's car and the intersection at Parker Street and Boston road is a busy one, which is why Kelli's mom said she's grateful someone was able to stop and help.

"She said the ambulance is here and we're going to go now. Of course, I'm in Nashville, TN and Kelly's dad lives about an hour and 45 minutes from Kelly. Without that minute-and-a-half conversation with her, that two hours would have been a complete nightmare," Franklin said.

"I just didn't want to have any more time go by before I got a chance to say thank you," Franklin added.

Thanks to the help of people sharing Franklin's post thousands of times, and not too long after our story aired she was able to get in touch with the nurse who helped her 

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