WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - The West Springfield community is coming together to remember the 17-year-old high school senior killed in a car crash last night.

Police say the driver, identified by West Springfield Schools as Kyle Thibodeau, was alone in his car when it crashed on Sibley Avenue.

In the meantime, Kyle's school community is remembering the student-athlete and friend.

We spoke with the family of Kyle's best friend.

They say Kyle was part of a group of friends and student-athletes who always had each other's backs.

His best friend's mother says Kyle's death will change how her son and the whole senior class finishes their last year of high school.

"Please not be the Kyle that came to my mind. I’ve got to get out of work and go give my kid a hug," West Springfield resident Corinne Boucher tells us.

Those were the first two thoughts that went through Corinne Boucher's mind when she heard 17-year-old Kyle Thibodeau had died in a car crash Thursday night.

She says Kyle was her son Eric's best friend.

"There’s no words for it. They’re hurting," stated Boucher.

The West Springfield teen had been friends with Eric since kindergarten.

Watching her son grow up with Kyle, she says the boy who was always underfoot...

"Sleeping over at houses back-and-forth for ten years," says Boucher.

Had grown into a senior in high school, a teenager that acted wise beyond his years.

"Amazing young man. Athletic, intelligent, manners. Had it all. Whatever athletic event, I went to, school function, I went to and he’d come up behind me and he tap me on the shoulder and give me a hug. I mean, I’m going to miss that," explained Boucher.

Boucher tells Western Mass News Kyle and her son were part of a group of student-athletes who played different sports, but always supported each other.

West Springfield School officials confirming that, sending a statement to Western Mass News about their playoff games saying:

"The student-athletes are united in their desire to play these games in remembrance of Kyle; a moment of silence will occur prior to each game to honor Kyle."

"Everything they do in their senior year from this point forward is going to have a whole another meeting for them and they’re going to keep Kyle included in everything, and they’re going to make him proud and make sure that he finishes his senior year with them,"

And Boucher, a single mother, and her son will hold Kyle's memory close for the rest of their lives.

"I couldn’t be more grateful for the influence that he’s had on my son's life," added Boucher.

The West Springfield Police Department is still investigating the cause of the crash.

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