WARE, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- A mother claims her daughter was assaulted by another student in the hallway of Ware Junior-Senior High School.

Video of the attack, provided to us by the victim's mother, clearly shows a fight.

One student hides behind the concrete cut-out in the hallway. When the victim passes by, the student jumps out, grabs her hair, and slams her into wall, then the ground.

The student's mother said that what you can't see is important and that's anyone intervening to help.

Rebecca Anderson's daughter celebrated her 14th birthday at home. She's been kept home from school because Anderson said that the school hasn't taken the steps to make a safe environment since a March 20 brawl in the hallway that resulted in a concussion.

"She was in an altercation after lunch I believe," a voicemail Anderson played on her phone said.

"The girl that assaulted her was put on the same bus that she was expected to be brought home on. I did not get a guarantee that she would not be in the hallway alone with her if she needed to go to the bathroom or when they passed classes," Anderson noted.

Anderson's daughter is now suffering from a stress disorder.

Despite written advice from mental health professionals, Anderson claims the school is trying to make her daughter go back to school before she's emotionally ready.

"They've said that I am academically neglecting her by not sending her to school. I just want them to provide her some support out of school right now for tutoring and they have decided that she doesn't qualify," Anderson explained.

Anderson also claims the school violated their own policy, where she said the teacher didn't physically intervene.

"We found it stated two separate times in this book...shall be considered an emergency procedure of last resort and shall be prohibited unless the students behavior poses a threat of assault or eminent serious physical harm," Anderson said.

All Anderson said she wants is for the school to allow her daughter to make up her work at home and return to school when she's ready.

"She's been victimized all over again. There's no need for it. She wants to reach out to her school. She's born and raised here. She wants to go back in, but she's not ready to yet," Anderson added.

In the meantime, Anderson said that her family has filed charges against the student in this video.

Western Mass News has reached out to the school for comment on this story. They have yet to respond.

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At Ware public school, a 14 year old boy got slammed into a locker in a sudden violent surprise attack from behind by a much larger student/psychopath. The victim ABSOLUTELY refused to return to school because his safety was not protected. The entire administration of Ware Public Schools should be investigated by the Attorney Generals Office and if malfeasance, intentional negligent behaviour or illegal acts are discovered, the individuals responsible for these failures should be held responsible under the law. It is terrible that kids can't attend Ware schools and reasonably expect an atmosphere of safety.

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