Neighbors left with eerie scene as Page Blvd. investigation continues

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The investigation at a home on 1333 Page Boulevard in Springfield continues.

That's the home where investigators found three bodies after arresting a man named Stewart Weldon on kidnapping charges.

Police have not charged anyone in the deaths of those three women found but called their deaths suspicious.

While it appears everything is back to normal on Page Boulevard, the investigation is ongoing, and new video shows just a small piece of what went on in the home’s yard. People who live on the busy Springfield street are left with an eerie scene.

Police have since cleared 1333 Page Boulevard, with the remnants of their investigation left behind where you can see piles of dirt, deep holes, and a torn-up shed.

Last month, officers pulled Stewart Weldon over for a broken taillight. They arrested him on charges including kidnapping after they found finding a badly injured woman in the car with him.

Days later, the Hampden District Attorney’s Office announced investigators found three bodies in and around the home.

“I give my condolences to the families that lost their loved ones,” said Stefan Davis. Davis lives right across the street from the home that is owned by Weldon’s mother Constance White, according to public records.

He told Western Mass News he gave home surveillance video to police, assisting them in the investigation.

Davis describes what he saw and what the video captured the morning of Weldon’s eventual arrest. “He was outside, it was 8:30, 9 o’clock in the morning. All the windows were open. The front door was open, the screen door was open, so I thought he may have burned something on the stove. He was in the front and it seemed like he was looking for something and it was raining so I was like I don’t know what this guy is doing," Davis noted. A spokesperson for the Springfield Police Department could not comment on any developments in the investigation.

From the last update on the investigation, we learned Weldon has been charged with 68 offenses since 2002, and since his most recent arrest on May 27, more women have come forward with complaints about him.

As the community waits for an update on the investigation, neighbors are left with questions.

“Even though the forensic trucks and everything is not here, the view is still there. The thought pattern is still there about what occurred across the street," Davis continued.

Western Mass News did reach out to the Hampden District Attorney's Office for an update on the investigation.

Stay with us as on-air and online for the latest developments on this story.

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