SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - The neighbors of last week’s kidnap victim and the couple who chased the suspect’s car meet for the very first time.

On Friday night, we introduced you to the neighbors who played a crucial role in the investigation following that abduction one week ago today.

They saw the videos that Amanda Disley and her husband, Benny, filmed chasing the suspect and wanted to make sure the couple knew how grateful neighbors were for saving the young victim’s life.

This is new, exclusive video you’ll only see on Western Mass News as that kidnapping happened.

Listen closely. Those were the desperate screams of that 11-year-old victim followed by screaming from the Kenney family, the victim’s neighbors.

This was the first piece of the puzzle in helping to find that little girl.

“I really want to hug you. Oh my goodness. I’m going to cry," Amanda Disley stated.

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you," Shelly Hill said.

On Wednesday night, all of those neighbors and the couple….

“I seen you on the news too, but I didn’t want to come over here," explained Amanda.

Meeting for the very first time, thankful this abduction had a happy ending.

“So many times you see those things and it’s like, 'Okay. Well, where are they? What am I supposed to do?', and you just looked. You just start looking and looking for the little girl and looking for the car, and say, 'If I can help, I’ll help', and just loving one another as a community and again, I love what Benny said, 'Not here'," says Amanda

"We’re not letting that happen here," stated Benny.

While Amanda and Benny have received a lot of praise, they credit the Hill family for quickly getting pictures of the car out online.

“All of Facebook was that little girl. All of it. It was all your pictures," continued Amanda

"Well, it worked. Of course it worked," said Benny.

And amidst the laughs, a consensus from everyone in the room agreeing that each person played their own, significant role.

"They’re my heroes. Everyone’s on Facebook saying, 'Amanda and Benny', and I'm like, 'This would’ve never happened without her quick, ‘Hey what’re you doing? You calling the police?'. Her saying, 'I have surveillance'. Him knowing his Hondas and me saying ‘Yo, get that man'," explained Amanda

As the victim’s family continue to grieve, the neighbors say they can’t express their gratitude enough.

“They were so thankful when they found out what you were doing for their little girl and that you weren’t giving up, and that you were just trying to keep that baby girl safe," says Shelly.

“To me, they was thinking about their kids, you know what i’m saying? And they never stopped. They are my heroes. They are my heroes," stated Springfield resident Maggie Kenney.

“It constantly replays. Sleepless nights some times. Constant turning. I have my little ones and if that was one of mine, I would’ve done whatever I had to to get to my kid," said Benny.

Complete strangers coming together as a community, hoping that it’s something Springfield will see more of.

"[What’s coming of all of this do you think?] Well, I want to go to your barbeques. I like to eat," added Amanda.

Now, at the end of that interview, the Hill family gave Amanda and Benny soup and fruit for her kids that have been sick the last few days.

The mom Shelly tells us it’s the least they can do for saving the victim’s life and that as members of this community, she says everyone just needs to look out for each other’s kids.

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