SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- A massive drug bust in Springfield earlier this week resulted in 40,000 thousand bags of heroin taken off the street.

The street in question is Bay Street, which appears to be quiet and unassuming to the outside eye and today, we asked people in the area if they saw anything suspicious leading up to Tuesday's bust.

"It's kind of expected because it's Springfield, but I didn't really hear anything or see any cops or anything like that," said Nathan Alvarez.

It was a huge drug bust in Springfield.

Every neighbor Western Mass News spoke with - both on and off camera - said that they didn't see anything out of the ordinary about 1251 Bay Street.

"I never really saw anybody come in and out. I didn't really think anything about it." said Craig Jackson.

Jerry Rodriguez added, "I've lived here for like 10 years and it's always been quiet. It's never been like, no drug busts or anything like that around here."

However, they said that Tuesday's drug bust reminded them that silence isn't always golden.

"My grandkids get the school bus right there on the corner. Anything could have happened there, could have been some gunfire. They could have gotten hurt," Jackson added.

We spoke with the president of the neighborhood council for this area over the phone. He echoed what nearby residents said, that the operation coming out of this house was basically undetectable.

"This was the perfect operation for a supplier. No traffic whatsoever. It wasn't suspicious at all. The house, you would have never been able to tell," said Kenneth Barrett.

Though the ring is based out of Holyoke, Barrett said that the effects of the heroin can be seen in his neighborhood - even if drugs themselves were well-hidden.

"I think it's a big win for the entire western Massachusetts area, but in particular Springfield and Holyoke, because we're so close and because the ties are there," Barrett explained.

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