SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) - Just over a year ago, police were called to 1333 Page Boulevard where they discovered the bodies of three missing women.

Today, a for sale sign sits in the front yard.

The home, previously described by some as a "house of horrors", has only been listed online for two days, but many people, including the brother of one of the women whose body was found at the property, has concerns about what a potential sale could do to the trial next April.

"It makes you have an empty feeling in your stomach. It's not a pleasant feeling. Definitely not to see that, see pictures of the house that your loved one was murdered in," Anthony Ryans, the brother of Ernestine Ryans, tells us.

It's been more than a year since the bodies of Kayla Escalante, America Lyden, and Ernestine Ryans were found in and around the home at 1333 Page Boulevard.

Ernestine Ryans' brother, Anthony, spoke exclusively to Western Mass News after learning the house was put up for sale.

"Hopefully, the investigators found everything they needed before they turned the house back over to his mother, so, hopefully, there isn't some hidden evidence, but you never know," continued Ryans.

Stewart Weldon was arrested last May and later charged with murdering the three women, among other serious charges.

Court documents say 196 items were recovered as evidence, including pieces of clothing, wooden sticks wrapped in wire, zip ties, rolls of tape, empty bleach bottles, and a knife blade.

Investigators said that the three women's bodies were found in the basement, garage, and under a wood tool shed.

Listing photos on Zillow show a much different view of the home today.

"It's an eerie feeling, because I did look at the photos and you can't help but think what happened in the house. The house looks like they did some work to it, but to think about what occurred in the house last year at this time, it makes you think," stated Ryans.

Members of the East Springfield community say it's important to continue to move forward and welcome any new families to the neighborhood.

"Every house has a history of some kind. sometimes really good, sometimes ugly, but, as new homeowners come in and forge their own happy memories and grow as a part of the neighborhood, that's all we can expect. Life, unfortunately, has some ugly blows in it, but we need to move forward and continue to pray for people who were impacted and put our energy in to continuing to improve the neighborhood," says Kathy Brown of the East Springfield Neighborhood Council.

Weldon continues to be held without the right to bail.

His trial is set for next April.

As for the listing of the home on Page Boulevard, a local attorney says that, in Massachusetts, the listing agent does not have to disclose the property's history unless a potential buyer specifically asks.

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