Springfield Police investigating afternoon shooting

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Western Mass News is learning more about the incident that cost a former Springfield police officer his job for the second time.

Anthony Bedinelli was fired from the department last Thursday for an alleged off-duty domestic incident.

A few months before that, he was accused of hitting another woman while on the job.

A special report to Springfield's Police Commissioner John Barbieri showed it was an argument during road construction detail that lead to this citizen's complaint where a woman said Officer Bedinelli hit her chest and pepper sprayed her - a claim which Officer Bedinelli and other on-scene officers deny.

Bedinelli was up for a possible promotion when he was let go following an incident where he was working a construction detail on November 3 at State and Dearborn Streets.

Records obtained by Western Mass News state:"When a driver trying to get to his mother's home on Dearborn Street was told to go another way, Officer Bedinelli states the driver called him a gay slur and drove another way."According to Officer Bedinelli's report:"Officers approached this subject lawfully, asked this individual for his license and registration, the operator stated '(expletive) You. I don't have to give you (expletive)'."His report said the driver continued to swear at him and the other officer taking a combative stance and picking up a metal broom handle.

The mother of the driver though reported to police:"The officer was having a discussion with my son. During the discussion, he took out his gun while his back was turn, so I try to speak to the officer and he told me to shut up and hit 2 times in my chest for no reason because I was on his side. He also pepper spray me. I was not the criminal."From Bedinelli:"I attempted to pepper spray the individual missing the subjects eyes as he began to run up the driveway."Bedinelli said that he did attempt to pepper spray the man, but doesn't mention the man's mother.

Bedinelli's claims were backed up by the other officer on-duty, who wrote:"At no point in time did I observe Officer Bedinelli assault or pepper spray the female subject during this interview."The man's car was towed, no arrests were made.

Other records just obtained by Western Mass News show some disciplinary issues that include Bedinelli's two Rottweilers biting a young girl while he was working dispatch and failing to send a cruiser to the scene. Bedinelli was fired for the second time in 11 years following a hearing with the Community Police Hearing Board. However, it was the commissioner's decision to let him go. We reached out again to Officer Bedinelli for comment and as of this broadcast, he has not returned our messages.

It is unclear at this hour if he plans to appeal his firing or if he has hired a lawyer.

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