SPRINGFIELD, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- A car crash victim is looking for the good Samaritan who he said saved his life.

The 19-year-old from Ludlow was released from the hospital on Thursday.

This was the scene last Friday evening on Route 202 in New Salem after two cars crashing head-on and erupting into flames.

In the backseat of the Subaru on the right was Christian Almeida.

"I remember seeing just this wall of flame and the other car right in front of us. Her parents were screaming 'Get out of the car' because the fire was coming into our car," Almeida said.

Almeida was taken to an area hospital for his injuries and released in a matter of hours, but after feeling pain the next day, Almeida's mother and father took him to Baystate for a second opinion.

"It turned out to be my colon and intestines, so they had to take a little bit of that. [Back okay? Vertebrae?] They realized I had two discs,10 and 11, fractured or broke, whatever it was," Almeida added.

They were life-altering injuries as a result of this collision and inferno. It's an experience Almeida told Western Mass News he doesn't believe he'd have made it through, if not for a woman driving by the scene.

"She's like 'Here, let me hold your head. You can put all of your weight onto my arm.' She's pretty much holding all my weight. It felt really good on my back, then at some point, I was arching my back too much, that started hurting because of the vertebrae or stomach. So what she did, she kind of bear hugged in the back. She was just sitting down, had me lay against her, and she was talking to me the whole way up until the ambulance came," Almeida said.

Almeida knows that his recovery could be long, but what he's hoping doesn't take too much time is identifying this good Samaritan who saved the day.

"She had mentioned she was a former nurse, and I'm pretty sure she said she was a preschool teacher," Almeida said.

Julie Deyo, Christian's mother added, "Then this happened, it would mean the world to me to find her because she took care of my son when I couldn't, at least to get him the care he needs...I'm sorry Christian."

"God, thank you. Just made the difference, we're just grateful he's well and recovering," said John Deyo, Sr., Christian's father.

Almeida noted, "I really do just want to find this woman, if you think, I'm me, see who I am. I had a little less facial hair. Again, that was me. I really would like to find her."

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My 2 daughters pulled the man out of the car involved in the crash and dragged him away from the car before it burst into flames.

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