North End residents continue to question the possibility of the Western Massachusetts Correctional Alcohol Center moving into their backyard.

Located off of Plainfield Street, the proposed site for the facility is near many homes, even a hospital, which have many families concerned.

“If they’re asking us then that’s great, but if they are telling us, then it’s really a done deal,” Norman Roldan, a North End resident for nearly 50 years, said.

Roldan said the center would be less than a mile from his home and might not fit into the neighborhood.

“We have a lot of other programs here and I think that putting one more is really one more than we should have,” he said.

The site is next to Baystate Children’s Specialty Center on Wason Avenue, around the corner from a methadone clinic and in the backyard of many families.

Mothers like Carmen Perez say they don’t want the facility built near their homes, off their quiet streets and near their children.

Dozens signed a petition at a meeting on Wednesday night that will be presented to the city council on Monday.

Some nearby residents like Yanira Padilla, though, say programs like this have helped people close to her and she and her friend Luis Colon, fully support Sheriff Michael Ashe’s request to build in the north end.

“Everybody deserves a second chance and with me, no problem having that program,” Colon said.

Jose Claudio of the New North Citizens Council tells Western Mass News he still has questions about the facility moving to the area and declined to comment today.

“I think anything that enhances the safety of an area is better overall for the rest of the area,” Ted Cupak, of the North End said. “I think it’s a sate if it’s not put here.”

MGM Springfield purchased the correctional alcohol center’s property in the south end earlier this year. The center was moved to Holyoke temporarily. Sheriff Ashe says he wants to bring the facility back to Springfield because of the resources available in the city.

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