NORTHAMPTON, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- Folks in downtown Northampton are experiencing outdoor dining to the fullest extent.

Friday night, seating has been expanded on to part of Market Street, to safely serve customers. There are road barriers where restaurants added tables for guests to enjoy their favorite local restaurants again as the state continues to reopen.

Having outdoor dining as an option in downtown Northampton has restaurants picking up business.

“It's helped because a lot of people prefer to eat outside because of corona and everything. It's like a better option for them instead of sitting inside," said La Veracruzana Mexican Restaurant's worker Penelope Villada.

Restaurant goers are also enjoying eating outdoors.

“Especially for the summer when it's so warm out, it's honestly kind of nice to be spending more time outside," said Northampton resident Audrey Malloy.

Malloy spent Friday night having dinner with her friends, and she is happy to have a sense of normalcy.

"This whole week I was seeing people outside. This is my first time dining outdoors myself, and so far its been nice," Malloy explained.

Malloy told Western Mass News when they arrived the process was easy and comfortable.

"One of the waitresses came outside and sanitized it for us. So it felt pretty safe," she said. "Then we went inside to order food with our masks on.”

The city is putting in place new detour to make this all happen, but the noise didn’t seem to bother diners while they chowed down.

“I [didn't] even noticing that they were going by because I feel like we were just kind of engrossed in our conversation, and it kind of is the setting of eating outside. So I think its fine," said Northampton resident Gabby Lasko.

One resident, from Connecticut, also enjoyed the evening, said the new setting in Northampton is similar to being on vacation.

“I feel like I’m in Europe or on vacation. It’s so wonderful out. You have the tents here, you’re out on the street, and it goes all the way down," said Enfield resident Ryan Larson.

Speaking of streets - parts of Market Street are now being converted into a one-way - expect to follow a detour in the coming weeks if your travels take you here to Hampshire County.

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