Northampton custodian accused of taking nude photos arraigned in court

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A custodian accused of taking photos and spying on girls at Northampton High School bathroom appeared before a judge today.

Michael Kremensky, 22, of Florence posted bail following his court appearance.

Court documents obtained by Western Mass News state that it was a work order for a bent and leaking pipe that led officers to discover thumbnails of students using the bathroom on Kremensky's home computer.

Kremensky pleaded not guilty to four counts of photographing an unsuspecting nude person, related to taking photos of students using a girls bathroom at the high school on Monday.

Court documents show that last Wednesday, Kremensky filed a work order for a leaking copper pipe in his work space, which is next to the girls bathroom.

The following day, maintenance workers discovered holes and a guest custodian expressed concern that someone had used the pipe to peer into the girls bathroom.

The police report says that surveillance video on March 26 - two days before the broken pipe was reported - shows Kremensky going into his workplace and closing the door, but when another custodian opened the door a few minutes later, he wasn't inside.

After walking away, Kremensky is then seen leaving the office.

The other custodian telling police: "That Kremensky was inside the plumbing walls."

Police said that Kremensky went voluntarily to the police station and said he uses that crawl space area "to vape so he doesn't have to go outside"

Court documents indicate that at one point, he "bursted out that 'there is no peeping tom' and denied ever going up to the wall for any reason."

After giving police permission to search his phone and computer, police noted that he deleted the contents of his phone and a backup of his computer on March 25.

However police did find 50 thumbnail files of what appeared to be bathroom stalls that showed women seated or standing next to it - four of them appeared to be partially nude.

A school resource officer confirmed the tile matched that of the high school and Kremensky was arrested on Friday.

Kremensky posted $500 bail at his court appearance today.

We reached out to Kremensky's lawyer for a comment she has not replied to our message.

We also reached out to Northampton School Supt. John Provost to see if the arrest changes the fact that Kremensky was placed on paid administrative leave following the discovery of the holes in the bathroom. There has not yet been a response to that question either.

We are told Kremensky has been employed at the school since August 2017.

A pre-trial hearing has been scheduled for May 6. Kremensky now has a court appointed attorney.

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