NORTHAMPTON, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- A Northampton father is heading to prison after a jury found him guilty of trying to murder his daughter.

Western Mass News crew was inside the courtroom for his sentencing this morning.

Court documents said in 2015, when Christopher Conley's daughter was seven he poisoned her, in an effort to kill her.

Prosecutors said she survived, but since then has been living with physical, emotional and mental pain.

"She was sentenced to life in prison. A prison controlled by her injured body. A prison controlled by her injured mind," Prosecutor said.

The courtroom was emotional Monday morning as the young girl's adopted mother read an impact statement in regards to the physical trauma she endured by her father, Christopher Conley.

While the victim's name was shared in court, Western Mass News has decided not to identify her.

"Not only does [victim's name] have to live with the fact that her father did not protect her, she has to live with the fact that he’s the one she needed protection from," Prosecutor noted.

A jury convicted 37-year-old Christopher Conley of attempted murder, assault and battery on a child by means of a dangerous weapon and assault and battery on a child causing substantial bodily injury.

Court documents obtained by Western Mass News said in April 2015 he injected liquid-plume drain cleaner into his then seven-year-old daughter's c-tube, which flushes waste from the intestine, in an attempt to kill her.

The victim survived, but her adopted mother said she had to constantly go to Boston Children's Hospital for treatment and she deals with painful daily injections, blood draws, procedures and dressing changes.

"She knows lives with multiple physical and emotional scars. She will live with these scars for the rest of her life," Prosecutor noted.

She also told the court how the victim sees a trauma therapist weekly to help cope with losses.

"The loss of family she once knew and trusted, the loss of childhood, the loss of feeling safe, the loss of freedom, the loss of positive body image. She continues to deal with the unknown. The unknown of why this was done to her. The unknown of what she will have to face in her future. The unknown of whether her reproductive organs have been damaged and if she can have children of her own...with a life sentence of all of her scars, all of her fears, all of loses, all of the unknown, [victim's name] survived," Prosecutor explained.

Conley was sentenced to 16 to 18 years in prison.

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