NORTHAMPTON, MA (WGGB/WSHM) -- A Northampton man upset about the condition of his street is trying to get his voice heard by not paying his property taxes.

The resident, John Martine has lived on Beattie Drive for about six years but hasn’t paid his property taxes in about a year.

He said this is because the city hasn't paved the road that he lives on.

“I was so desperate,” he said. “I couldn't get any attention from anybody.”

Martine has been putting up a fight with the city about the condition of his street for almost a year asking them to completely repave it. He called the process a humbling experience.

He started out feeling angry, but then eased up after city officials told him there just wasn’t funding for it.

“The street is disintegrating, and it has been for many years way before I moved here,” he said.

The city told him Beattie Drive isn’t as high up on their priority list of roads to fix.

Western Mass News checked in with the city and found Loudville Road and Atwood Drive are next in line for repair.

Martine is working on raising money himself within the community to get the road paved, which he said could cost about $100,000, something he said can’t be done until 2022 at the earliest.

But by not paying his taxes, it's possible he could lose his house -- a risk he is willing to take.

“I tried everything I could think of to get everyone’s attention,” he said. “When I stopped paying my taxes, I suddenly started to get a lot of attention. I don’t like to dwell on that. I would really rather try to come up with a solution as to how we can get the road paved.”

The mayor’s office declined to comment, but Martine said he won’t start paying his property tax until the road is repaved.

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